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 >>>>>Music isn't my work...it's my passion.<<<<<


MUSIC isn’t my work, it's my passion. There are so many great artists out there just waiting to be discovered by fans and industry alike and THAT is where I come in. Whether you’re an established act or just getting started, LE Music Promotion has a number of professional services to help you grow, manage your social media and online  marketing. I will work tirelessly to keep your fans, media and industry up to date on your activities so that you can focus on what really matters; the music. LE Music Promotions will provide whatever you need to fit your need. 

From album | singles | video releases to social platforms and strategies, to building your fan interaction and online sales. Whatever your goals, LE Music Promotion can help you form a plan to achieve them in a focused and effective way. You deserve to be seen and  heard, I can help make it happen.

Specializes In:


  • Artist Development
  • Creative Social Media Solutions | Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Media Relations Management
  • Publicist Support
  • Website Content Support
  • Online Sales and support services
  • Tour Support