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I've previously worked with Linda over the last few years. She has been of great help and support, starting me out in my music career. She certainly wears her heart out on her sleeve, and truly believes the artist that she works with. Linda has helped me with PR and networking. She is not only just a business partner but has become a very good friend over the past few years as well. I would certainly recommend her services. Type your paragraph here.

LE Music Promotions

“Linda has been a real asset to our online fan engagement strategy.  She has doubled our fan numbers on our social media in a very short time and keeps our fans engaged. Over the years, Linda has come to us with a host of creative ideas which has opened doors and allowed us to help connect and engage directly with our fans through social media & promotions.Linda has also been able to manage a few projects and kept things running in a timely manner. Her belief, incredible support and hard work has not gone unnoticed. It definitely keeps us on our toes to make sure our WYATT nation are well informed with the going ons of the band!  Thanks to her, we have built up a strong online following not only in Canada, but in the USA and overseas!” 

Nicole Rayy(artist):

Linda's kind heart and passion for music make her a joy to work with! She brings new creative ideas to the table when it comes to social media strategies, promotions and more! 
She never hesitates to attend her artists' shows and events, with her video camera in hand, no matter how far they are! LE Music Promotion cares about all the artists that she represents and is always eager to promote them through word of mouth, on the web, or by getting them gigs!  I know that Linda cares about me and how I wish to promote my music. She is always there to give me ideas but would never push anything I didn't approve. Without Linda on my team many tasks would never get done! 

Cory Gallant (artist)

I have had the privilege of knowing Linda both professionally when I was with the Bareback Riders in Ontario, and personally as a friend since over 10 years. When she was helping out with BBR Linda is by far one of the most focused and determined individuals I have have ever had the pleasure of working with. I am super pumped to have connected again and have her on board for this new Journey of mine. I feel very lucky to have her be a part of my team to help me grow as an artist!  

Blind River Band (artist)
"Linda has been a great friend and supporter of Blind River since the day this band started.  She is a very dedicated and a hard worker who puts her heart into it to get the job done. With her help Linda has done an exceptional job at coordinating promotional events for the band and taking care of the various fan engagement items, as well as monitoring our online social media pages.  I would not hesitate to recommend Linda future endeavors."
Blind River - Kevin Bushey/Manager

Jason Kirkness (artist):
"Linda and her company LE Music Promotions were absolutely instrumental in last years "Kirkness Circus" tour of Ontario. Linda went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to putting together venues to play at and promotions with several of the local radio stations.  Her generosity with her time was second to none and we couldn't have done the tour without her support."

Dave Woods, Host of  'In The Country': 
Linda Ewing has booked several Country artists on my online radio show. She's exposed me to some exciting, new talent on the music scene. Her passion for what she does and ability to connect with artists will ensure her roster of clients continues to grow. I know her heart is in this and she'll work hard at helping artists get their name out there & their music heard. It's a pleasure working with her."

Dave-Cool Country Radio / 88.1 FM
 If you're an up and coming indie band or someone who's established in the business but is always looking for that competitive edge with regard to promotions; then LE Music is the way to go! Linda is a hard working, dedicated individual who gets the job done! Make sure you inquire as to what LE Music can do for you and your band! You WON'T be disappointed!   Cheers, ~ 

Terry Fernihough: Songwriter and Music Publisher
There are plenty of people in the music industry who can talk the talk.
But when it comes to following through, the list is a LOT shorter. Linda Ewing and LE Music Promotions are the real deal.  Over the last couple of years, she has made a huge difference in my career, by helping me make connections that I couldn't make on my own, and those connections resulted in some defining moments for me. I can't thank her enough.