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Back in 2007 what started out as a hobby, became a reality and dream where it finally happened  in 2011 Linda started the company LE Music Promotions. The internet was and still is a way for artists to get their music heard and is here to help.

Linda's love of music has always had her out at as many live shows as she can get to.  From going to shows and talking to fans, realized they want more information on their favourite bands or artists. It all started by helping out local artists around home to spread the word and their music through their online presence of social media. It evolved in to creating their newsletters, updating websites, and starting fan clubs.  As time progressed through networking and meeting artists and industry reps it became a calling when she was told to take it to another level and get more serious .
Linda has combined her passion for music with a thorough knowledge of Social Media as a marketing tool with extensive training at the Harris Institute in Toronto and received certificates in Music | Media | Marketing | Publicity & Promotion to provide clients with creative strategies for getting their music and ideas directly to fans.  Linda has the unique ability to recognize what the fans are looking for from their favourite artist and how she can help engage their audience.
In this day of social media making artist more accessible to their fans, expectations are constantly growing. Fans want to know their opinion matters and want to feed a certain kinship with artists and their fanbase. 

Linda uses her training and insight to create campaigns, marketing and promotion strategies that allow you to both engage and broaden your fanbase. In addition to increasing your online presence, Linda is not afraid of hard work. She has created social media and publicity campaigns for artists like WYATT and Nicole Rayy working with publicists like Jill Snell and Anya Wilson to roll out singles, albums, and video releases.  She has also accompanied artist on radio tours, set up interviews, assisted at shows to film video footage, take pictures, work the merch table and even coordinate meet and greets whatever it takes.

Linda and her company LE Music Promotion do care about all the artists they represent and whether through the web, word of mouth she possess a way to get your music out their and heard.  The music industry is a very competitive market out there and will advise the best we can. And as a team we can work together to help you reach the goals you want to achieve.

Linda is a member of the:
CCMA's (Canadian Country Music Association)
CMAO (Country Music Association of Ontario) 

She does not hesitate to volunteer at various music festivals or will receive a call from various artists whom she knows to help with merchandise, photos or whatever is needed.